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The service was great, the decor is very nice, and the food is always amazing. We recommend their Chicken Momo and Biryani.

– Hedy K. South Brunswick Township, NJ (5/5/2019)

Best Indian food I have found in Baltimore. Fair prices. Really nice owner/manager. Nice portion sizes.

– Keith K.Boston, MA (3/5/2019)

This is the Indian/Nepalese place in Hampden. Great cuts of chicken, lamb or whatever protein we order. The spice is made to order and flavorful without burning out. Saag paneer, chicken tikka masala, or lamb junelly are my typical order. VERY FAST PICKUP.

– Brendan C. Reisterstown, MD (3/3/2019)

Amazing food amazing people absolutely loved it, will be going back regularly.

– Emma Nunez (April 2019)

Great dining experience! We had dinner last evening at Mount Everest. I will definitely go back. Had difficulty deciding where to do dinner in Hampden – my first time getting dinner there. We saw a couple of friends leaving Mount Everest and they are regulars. They highly recommended it so we gave it a try.

I had Samosas, Naan, and Mulligatawny Soup. Everything was delicious! The other half ordered Himalay Chana Paneer. Also delicious. Generous serving sizes.

The staff were all super nice. They offered to refill water and they even offered to bring us extra rice without us even asking – where else does that ever happen? Excellent service.

The restaurant was clean with a nice atmosphere. Not super fancy or fussy. Bathrooms were also very clean. Lots of parking available on the streets surrounding the area. I highly recommend. Yum yum yum!

– Joseph S. Catonsville, MD (12/10/2018)

The moment you walk in the door you are mezmerized by smell and that is just a preview of what is to come.

The atmosphere, the service, and the food we’re all outstanding at Mount Everest last night and we couldn’t have asked for a better Friday night meal.

The wait staff is all top notch. they all help each other so that no table is feeling left neglected. even the owner of the restaurant came around several times to check on us – small things that show he cares make all the difference!

As far as food goes everything we ordered was amazing. Saag Paneer was perfectly spiced with lots of big chunks of Indian cheese. Chicken Tikka Masala has the most delish sauce with big hunks of juicy chicken. Chicken Tandori was also amazing – served on a sizzling hot plate and also…can you guess…with the most delicious sauce. Basmati rice was perfectly steamed and never ran out – the owner himself bringing is more when we were low.

– Matthew S. Baltimore, MD (12/1/2018)

Excellent Nepalese dining

Friendly owner and staff. Excellent food with right amount of spice – we like ours spicy. Good for vegans and meat-lovers. Had vegetarian appetizer sampler – very nice. Excellent value. We will be back to try more dishes.

– Albert D. Baltimore, Maryland | From TripAdvisor Review

By far the best Nepali and Indian restaurant I’ve visited in the city. The service is always great and friendly. The flavors are out of this world. The environment is very clean and kept. Keep up the great work!

– Luis Leonzo | From Google Review

Excellent service when dining in. Our new favorite place to get Indian food in Baltimore. Great drinks menu. Dessert was good too. Naan was the best I’ve ever had. Chicken jalfrezi was fresh and made to order in terms of spice. Returned for carry out within the same month.

– M D | Baltimore, MD

Great and affordable Indian food. We’d been looking for a simple, no frills, tikka masala/saag place and were happy to find this spot on the Avenue. I’m looking forward to trying the Nepalese part of this concept in the future. We got spicy level for the chicken tikka masala and chicken saag and didn’t find it packing too much heat, just the right amount of spice and flavor.

– Brent P. | Baltimore, MD

We were visiting family in Baltimore and headed out for a Sunday lunch, forgetting about the brunch crowd. After trying a couple of the trendy, yuppie brunch spots and not finding anything worth the wait or worth eating, we stumbled upon this place quite by accident.

The universe works in mysterious ways. After all that effort, we felt like we had found the best lunch on the block.

We had the appetizer combination plate as a starter. I would have been completely satisfied at that point, without the mains.

I couldn’t tell you exactly what we had- vegetarian chickpeas and sauce; and chicken with vegetables and sauce. I’d eat either one again.

Single waiter for the whole place, but he never seemed to be too far away. Excellent service.

We’ll be back.

– Luis Leonzo | From Google Review

I get carryout from this place regularly. Hence minimal photos. Definitely one of my favorite south Asian places in baltimore. They have most of your favorites plus some Nepalese dishes. Everything has been delicious and the staff is great. I highly recommend it!

– Jason Molidor | From Google Review

This place is delicious. Some traditional dishes done well and some new things I’ve never seen before! I always get the shrimp tikka and roti, but occassionally I branch out and I am never disappointed.

– Laura Proudfoot | From Google Review

Highly recommend! I had a taste for Indian all week and it just happened to be a promoted link on Yelp. I tried Chicken Vindaloo for the first time and it was delicious. I asked for it mild and it was just spicy enough. I also got a side of naan bread. Even after a 20 minute car ride it was still fresh and delicious.

– Christian Gant | From Google Review

My favorite place on the avenue. Great portions, and every time I try something new I’m delighted. Great!

– Curtis Sprung | From Google Review

Food and service were great. Owners are very helpful and attentive. Portions are plentiful. Spiciness can be adjusted from mild to eye-popping. Definitely a good addition to the Avenue.

– Devin Wilson | From Google Review

While strolling around Hampden looking for a new place to eat, we ended up at Mt. Everest which used to be the old Alchemy.

WOOWHEE. Gone is the blase food. This place is so good. We got an assortment of things, including the good ol’ chicken tikka kabob appetizer which basically won us over. The curries and s

I wish they were closer to where I lived–we saw a bunch of folks getting takeout. They even have brews!

– Cherpumple F. | Baltimore, MD

Amazing food and phenomenal service. My husband and I ordered chicken tikka masala and chicken saag along with regular and onion naan. Both of the chicken dishes were perfectly spiced, with generous portions of chicken. We both ordered medium spice and I think next time we would go spicy – the medium leaned towards the mild side. The naan was incredible, some of the best we’ve had in a long time. The wait staff was friendly and extra attentive – clearing plates, refilling drinks and checking in multiple times throughout the meal. Overall, we were both really impressed and will definitely be returning next time we’re in Baltimore!

– Katie B. | Richmond, VA

Good indian food. The tandoori chicken was absolutely delicious. I had visited this restaurant 2 times, and in both occasions the food was really good, and the server respectful and polite. I recommend this place.

– Gabriela Chavez | From Google Review

Food and service were great. Owners are very helpful and attentive. Portions are plentiful. Spiciness can be adjusted from mild to eye-popping. Definitely a good addition to the Avenue.

– Devin Wilson | From Google Review

Wonderful selection of Indian dishes along with a menu of “American” items for those afraid of ethnic! Recommend the combo appetizers and the combo breads. Choose a variety and share at the table. Friendly staff

– Leigh Peck | From Google Review

Food here is absolutely fantastic. I’ve had the lamb vindaloo and chicken tikka masala and couldn’t be more impressed with both. The price point it right where it needs to be, and honestly the portion size could be used for dinner and lunch the next day!

The staff are friendly and attentive and the cocktails are all fresh and taste fantastic.

– Lee Asling | From Google Review

OMG, A dream come true! I live in Hampden and used to drive to Parkville. Love this spot, a must must must (yes, three musts, at the very least) if you love Indian/Nepalese food.

– Tom Gervais | From Google Review

Really super restaurant! I came here with my sisters the other night and we were very impressed. We all love Indian food so we had very high expectations that were exceeded. I spent a few months in Nepal and can say the food is authentic! The owner (who is Nepalese himself) is also really kind and welcoming. Highly recommended!

– Dani R. | Philadelphia, PA

Good things: My husband and I are huge fans of Indian food and associated Indian spice! On the food front, the restaurant definitely delivered! We ordered the Chef’s Special Assorted Combo Platter (appetizer), Paneer Kulcha (cheese-filled naan), and Tandoori Chicken (entree easily split between the two of us). In general, the appetizer was pretty good. I will pass on the naan next time; nothing too special. The tandoori chicken was excellent and was the sole reason I will go back.

Reason for 4/5 stars: We visited in its first opening weeks so it seems like a few kinks need to be worked out. The young lady who served us was very nice but it was clear the restaurant was definitely under-staffed. We had to ask for chutneys on the side because the meal was a little dry (I like having some sort of dipping sauce for naan), and the chutneys were a little disappointing. The music was also too low so it felt like we stared at everyone else while we waited for our food. But again, I will definitely return for the tandoori!

– Lynda K. | Baltimore, MD

Everything was delicious. Buttered naan was perfectly prepared, and Chicken Tikka could not have been better. Huge portions, and very reasonable prices. Service was absolutely fine. I even had a very nice glass of cabernet! A great addition to the Avenue.

– Steven B. | Baltimore, MD

We ordered the simosas, naan, paneer tikka masla, and chicken tikka masala. The food is delicious, and reasonably priced for dinner.

My one complaint would be a lack of a lunch menu. Portions are large, and around $12 for each plate. It would be nice to have a less expensive, smaller plate for lunch hour.

– Amanda G. | Baltimore, MD

I love having Nepalese in Hampden! The service was great, the beer and wine selection had a lot of variety, and the food was delicious.

My boyfriend loves lamb vindaloo, and he asked for hot. They delivered. Not many places can bring the heat.

Some people are mentioning the decor, a lot of it is leftover from the previous restaurant, Alchemy. They made minor changes, but who cares about the decor? I’m here to stuff my face!!

10/10 will have again.

– Miranda L. | Baltimore, MD

“Mild flavors and spotty service, but an inviting menu. 3.5, rounded up.Located just across the street from the Cafe Hon, this was a great compromise between tastes. I was meeting new friends, including a child who had requested the Hon, and who was the only one of us who lived in the area. His aunt and I had hoped for different flavors, and my boy only cared that there might be tea. I can’t tell you how happy I was when we parked the car in front of a brand new Nepalese restaurant that had an alternate menu.

I was lucky when my boy was young. He never demanded food from a dumbed down kids menu, preferring a perfect bowl of rice over most foods. I understand kids (and adults, honestly) who want to eat what is safe, and I really understand parents who’d rather not spend money on an expensive experimental meal.

So it was with this attitude that we entered the restaurant. Auntie and I ordered samosas, chaat, and soup. My boy ordered masala chai, chicken curry and momos. The younger child ordered a Caesar salad and a bowl of corn chowder, and we all shared a basket of tasty naan.

Nepalese food has a much milder spice profile than most Indian foods. The dishes will all be familiar to anyone who enjoys a good curry, but the flavors are simply not as sharp. In the case of this restaurant, everything was also just a bit sweeter than I’d like, but it was all tasty enough.

The space is small, and we were only one of three tables seated that afternoon, but our waiter disappeared for large chunks of time. We also, oddly, received our naan late in our meal. I realize that we’d ordered things from every section of the menu, but it would have been nicer to have the naan at the beginning than at the end.

Still, if you are visiting this trendy neighborhood with a mixed group that is torn between the touristy Cafe Hon and anything else, I’d suggest that you mention this spot. Then you can go across the street for dessert.”

– Quijana B. | Silver Spring, MD

“A welcome addition to the 36th Street strip of shops and restaurants, Mount Everest is easily my new favorite spot in the area. When you open the door, you are overwhelmed a welcoming staff and the fragrant aroma of Indian spices.

The interior is decorated in a modern style with an exposed brick accent wall running along the length of the dining room. Overall, it provides diners with a hip and engaging ambience for dinner.

The menu has a wide selection of Indian favorites with the house specialty being the Lamb Jenelly. The lamb was well-cooked with a good level of spice (I ordered mine as “medium”). As an unapologetic Jersey girl, the food was almost reminiscent of my favorite Indian places in Edison (if you’re from here, you’ll know what I mean).

I also ordered the mango lassi (because is it even possible to not order one?) and was pleasantly surprised with the beverage being thick and having a creamy consistency, which is more than I can say about the others I have had in Baltimore.

Just in case I didn’t order enough food, I also ordered matar paneer and baingan bharta. Both dishes were very solid with generous portion sizes.

Albeit a small restaurant, they have a variety of seating for large and small parties (booths fit about 6 people) and even have a kid friendly menu if that is something you’d be interested in (though I don’t know why because Indian food is amazing).

TLDR; Mount Everest is a good option to satisfy your cravings for Indian food although it is not a life-changing experience.”

– Erica K. | Somerset, NJ

“We had a great meal here! It’s owned by a Nepali family that’s really nice. My wife had the Chana Saag which is chickpeas and spinach in an aromatic tomato sauce. I had the Dal Makhani which is an Indian standard lentil stew. Both were well prepared, served hot and the portions were generous. The place is very clean as well.”

– Curt M. | Baltimore, MD

“Incredibly delicious food and by far the best authentic Nepalese/Indian food in Baltimore, which we searched far and wide for. The sautéed cauliflower is killer even if you’re not an herbivore like myself. The staff are professional and inviting. The expected growing pains of a new restaurant are far surpassed by the quality. It would be nice to have more authentic decor but their energies focused on the food are much appreciated!”

– Nikolai S. | Baltimore, MD

“The food was exceptional, they aren’t kidding around about the spiciness level! They are still working out some service issues though.”

– Anthony W. | San Diego, CA

“OMG, A dream come true! I live in Hampden and used to drive to Parkville. Love this spot, a must must must (yes, three musts, at the very least) if you love Indian/Nepalese food.”

– Tom Gervais

“Fantastic indian food! We got carry out a few days ago, great portions, reasonably priced and ready in less than 20mins.

Hoping to try eat-in soon, looked great, white table cloths and everything.

– Matthias Lee

“Good food and good portions. I’m going to eat the leftovers this evening.”

– Jeremy Lee

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